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Why Habits Form

In my last blog I talked about what habits are. Habits are behaviors that occur automatically without awareness. They are cued or triggered by specific events in our environment – it could be a location, time, people, feeling, or  an immediately preceding action. 

Habits serve a very important purpose. They free up the brain to do other more important things – like problem-solving and decision making.  Imagine we were learning a new skill like how to play the guitar. We feel awkward and…

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Developing Healthy Habits -- Introduction

At Double S Instructional systems ( we continue to be busy developing programs to help people with autism and/or intellectual disabilities and their support persons live healthier lifestyles. In our last blog I talked about the components of a healthy lifestyle. As I said in my last blog, a healthy lifestyle consists of both making healthy choices and avoiding unhealthy ones. Healthy choices include:

  1. Choosing healthy foods
  2. Exercising
  3. Getting enough sleep
  4. Reducing…
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