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Dangerous Drugs and People with Intellectual Disabilities

An overlooked, neglected, yet significant problem is the use and misuse of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs by individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID). Since more and more people with ID are living and working in the community, there is an increased risk that they will come into contact with both legal and illegal dangerous drugs. Many individuals with ID do not understand the dangers of nicotine use, alcohol, and illegal substances. They frequently lack important prevention skills ( e.g., dangerous situation awareness, problem solving) and have limited supportive social networks. Some of the characteristics found in people with ID -- short attention span, difficulties with abstract concepts, overly compliant personalities, learning and memory deficits -- increase the likelihood of substance abuse and its negative consequences.
We are in the process of developing a comprehensive prevention program -- "Dangerous Drug Prevention Skills for People with Intellectual Disabilities." We have already developed the first two units: Legal but Dangerous Drugs and Illegal Drugs. The program is interactive, concrete, uses video models, and provides opportunities for role-playing.

A unique feature of the program is the use of a learning partner (e.g., direct support staff, parent, advocate) to help the person with ID learn and practice the information provided in the program.

For information on how to order this two unit program please click on the following link: Dangerous Drug Prevention

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