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Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices for People with Developmental Disabilities

Healthy Lifestyle Products | Double S Instructional Systems

We have two products that we recently developed that focus on improving the health of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.: Meal Planning and Exercise Program and Dangerous Drug Prevention Guide.

There are several other products also available. We have developed a guide for parents of children with Developmental Disabilities who are overweight or at risk for overweight
You Can Do It! . Drs. Colvin and Sheehan have written a book on challenging behaviors: Managing Meltdowns for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. While it is targeted for teachers, parents too will find most of the information useful. And while previously working at IRIS ED, Dr. Sheehan developed several healthy lifestyle programs for people with developmental disabilities. We provide a brief description of some of these products and link to the IRIS ED product website pages.