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Programs developed by Dr. Sheehan from IRIS Ed

Leisure Works! Expanding Options for People with Developmental Disabilities

A program that helps adults with Developmental Disabilities lean about la wide range of leisure opportunities that are available to them both at home and in the community
Fruit Rainbow
Healthy Eating for People with Developmental Disabilities

Two 12 minutes videos that focus on strategies that can be used to increase the eating of fruit.
Ease into Fitness
Beginner Workout for People with Developmental Disabilities

A thirty-five minute workout for people with developmental disabilities that includes a warm-up, flexibility, aerobics, strength, balance and cool down sections.
My Lifebook

Parents of children with developmental disabilities can use this program with their child to create a record of important information and as a planning tool for the future. Sons and daughters can be active participants in creating My Life Book. This program can also be used by a group leader or instructor to teach a class on future planning for community members or participants in a special program.
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