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Living a Healthy Lifestyle

At this site, our primary interest is in sharing information that will help people with developmental disabilities and their caregivers (e.g., parent, direct support professionals, foster care providers, personal agents, other family members, and advocates) live a healthier life. In order to accomplish this we now have three avenues of information available: our website:

our new healthy lifestyle learning academy:

our new Facebook group: the Healthy Lifestyle Learning Academy

Since the Facebook group is new, I hope you will join and ask questions or share information on living a healthy lifestyle.

Our website at will always be adding new information. right now the focus is on people with developmental disabilities but we will soon be adding a section focusing on caregivers and offer suggestions to help them also adopt a healthier lifestyle. We currently have three grant programs in progress that address the following areas: Dangerous Drug Prevention; Abuse Prevention : and a new one that will soon be starting -- Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Program (HELP). We are submitting a grant application for direct support staff -- Acceptance, Mindfulness, and Direct Support Professionals.


One of the things we are interested in is what exactly you needs are, what would you like in the way of training programs or information sheets. Your input is very important to us. So let us know what you want or share with us your ideas.


I will be writing again soon so take care


Martin R. Sheehan, Ph. D.


Double S Instructional Systems

Eugene, OR

Twitter: @DocMartin817

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