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The Meal Planning and Exercise Project

People with intellectual disabilities (ID) have rates of obesity greater than the general population. They often have poor energy dense diets and tend to be inactive. This group also experiences a high prevalence of health related problems: cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. Despite the compelling need for targeted weight management programs for this population, there has been few research-based weight management programs developed since the 1980s. Even those outdated programs are no longer in print or available.

This project MPEP
Meal Planning and Exercise Program for Adults with ID, uses the best of the behavioral programs specifically designed for individuals with ID while incorporating a new, innovative, yet research-based approach for this population that focuses on prepackaged meals, meal plans, and simple exercise programs. The primary aims of the program are to develop a weight loss/weight maintenance program for overweight and obese adults with ID by providing care providers with information on easy to implement and cost effective meal planning, exercise strategies, and nutrition education.

We are focusing on overweight/obese adults with ID who live at home, in foster homes and group homes, or independently with supports. These living arrangements often make choosing a healthy diet and participating in physical activity difficult. The care providers frequently decide meal with input from the majority of the residents (if living in group situations). It is easy to serve the same foods and portion sizes to all residents or with parent as caregiver to give free choice to unhealthy foods. Financial and transportation issues also make it difficult for individuals with ID to participate in community-based physical activity programs. In this program, we implemented a research-based approach that focuses on healthy eating to include meal plans and pre-packaged foods, a home-based simplified physical activity program, and a fun and informative nutrition education program.

This initial program (which will be part of a larger more comprehensive program that is under development) consists of a three videos initial unit: basic nutrition guidelines,meal planning, and starting an exercise program.
For information on how to order this three video and workbook program, please click on the following link:
Meal Planning and Exercise Guide.
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